002: Stuff

This episode covers a range of topics (hence the title)!

Mentioned in This Episode:

  • The Designer’s Fiesta (discount code: NINJA40 for 40% off)
  • VectorFest (our planned event for 2018, and hopefully beyond)
  • The Search for Segments of Interest
  • Tony gets cross with an article from an @Illustrator Twitter post, and unleashes a number of shameless plugs for his stuff
  • Dave shares his thoughts on events and laments the lack of an Illustrator/Design show (we’re trying to plug that gap)

We mention our friends Ben and Ian a lot (and give them tasks without them asking for them) along with Gordon Reid (@middleboop) Radim Malinic (@brand_nu) and Alan Hess (@shotlivephoto) among others.

001: Time

In this, our pilot episode you find out who we are, and some of our thoughts and opinions on time, amongst other things.

We hope you like it!

Mentioned in this episode:

Note: We know we have some audio glitches in this file—sorry—but we’re getting used to using new recording kit and having some “teething issues”. It may sound periodically like there are small excerpts of a sound being played backwards and sorry to disappoint (there isn’t any “Freddie is The Devil” or such like) but it’s just an effect of cleaning up a signal noise that we were unaware of when recording. Hopefully all fixed now!